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Curtain painting Room

Water Curtain spray room for wet treatment equipment, equipment in front of the curtain board, water Curtain Board for overflow trough, water curtain board behind for multistage curtain filter. When painting, the paint mist into the spray chamber first meets with the water curtain and is washed into the tank. The rest of the paint mist is completely intercepted in the water when passing through the multistage curtain filter. The water in the tank is elevated from the water pump to the overflow flume on the top of the curtain and multistage filter, overflow to the water screen to form a water curtain.

Curtain Spray room indoor for stainless steel curtain Board, curtain Board structural design of advanced and reasonable, to ensure the indoor airflow speed, improve the paint rate and residual paint capture rate. And make the water curtain layer evenly, continuous, reliable, non-disruptive with no splash splash. Scroll device, air and water separation baffle can be assembled, the removal of the installation method can fully wash the separation of residual paint and soda, can be achieved to purify the environment and facilitate the effective solution of the board paint residue cleaning and preservation, especially convenient maintenance.