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No pump water Curtain spray Room

No pump spray room using air induced water to form a circulating water curtain.

The mist-containing air, after hitting the water curtain, goes through the water curtain into the gas channel, with the water in the channel to produce a strong mixture, when entering the Gas collection box, the flow rate suddenly reduced, gas and water separation, air through the flap, the exhaust fan discharged into the atmosphere; The water flows from overflow to the water board to form a water curtain, flowing back to the tank. A special flocculant is added to the circulating water to change the adhesion of the paint mist so that the paint mist is formed into a slag block for easy cleaning.

Principle: Using exhaust wind to induce water extraction, the exhaust system and water extraction system are combined, the formation of a pump-free water circulation system, which eliminates the entire water pump circulating water supply systems, simplifying the structure, reducing the footprint; realizing the pump-free circulating water supply, overcome the existing various types of water pump water supply system easy to plug the fatal defects of the slag, easy maintenance, Reliable equipment, not easy to malfunction, easy to use;

Because of the mist-containing air, through the water curtain, curtain, and gas channels and water mist in the strong mixing and mixing, forming a multistage purification process, improve the purification efficiency.