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Paint Mist Purification Room

From the field exhaust pipeline analysis, combined with our experience in similar enterprises, the existing paint cabinet dust removal efficiency can not meet the requirements of the exhaust gas treatment system, so the design to add a paint mist purification room to protect the subsequent exhaust gas treatment system. When the exhaust gas into the paint room, due to the sharp increase in the section, the wind speed drops, the large dust particles (particles) under the action of gravity to get settlement, dust-containing gas in the course of the journey, by the spray nozzle from the water droplets (fog), the particles are coated by droplets, settling down, thus, particulate matter and gas separation, The process of separation of particulate matter has a good efficiency, reducing the impact of dust-containing gas on subsequent treatment processes, prolong the use of follow-up equipment, and spraying room wastewater after filtration, sedimentation, biochemical treatment after the process can be recycled.