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Tips for using the gun

Paint before painting, the staff in the painting before the need for a thorough cleaning of the spraying machine, so that it is in the normal state, the other is to check whether the paint spray gun produced an ideal spray shape, Attention: The ideal spray should be said, atomization uniformity, edge clear.

Paint spraying pressure; spray paint to achieve the appropriate atomization conditions, need to have certain conditions: spray shape good, need corresponding pressure, the setting of the spray gun is very important, according to different spray gun set is not the same, the formation of different paint film, the effect of spraying is also different.

In fact, the painting effect of spraying machine is different from the setting of each part, therefore, staff need to pay attention to, before painting, the need for high-pressure airless spraying machine for the overall setting, to achieve quality requirements of the coating, not only to improve production efficiency, but also to improve the quality of coating film.

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