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Working principle of several common spraying chambers

Dry Spray Room

The advantages of Dry spray Chamber: Simple structure, uniform ventilation and wind pressure, low coating loss, high coating efficiency. Since water is not used, wastewater treatment is not necessary and the operating cost is low. Change the spray room completely without water and grease.

Dry-type Spray room is currently recognized internationally as one of the most technologically complete paint booths, it has changed the old paint room work area of serious pollution, paint mist processing capacity, poor safety, performance instability, can not meet environmental requirements and so on.

Dry-type painting room with advanced design, reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, paint mist treatment efficiency, stable performance, safe and reliable, good rigidity, lighting without shadow and so on. Dry-type painting room is mainly composed of chamber system, passive air inlet filtration system, paint mist filtration system, organic waste gas treatment system, suction and exhaust system, lighting system, control system and so on.