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Auto Body Paint Booth
Auto Body Paint Booth

Auto Body Paint Booth

Belt Drive Fan Professional Compliant Paint Booths 4.5M Width CE TUV Certification Features 1, 7.5KW centrifugal fan for intake, 7.5KW centrifugal fan for extraction. 2. All panels are tongue and groove interlock structure. 3, #304 stainless steel heat exchanger. 4, All LED lights, energy save...

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Features of Auto Body Paint Booth:

The entire paint booth is a built-in structure. The house body is made of high quality wall panels, which has good sealing and heat preservation performance. There is a work door on the side of the room to facilitate the entry and exit of the staff. The aluminum alloy is covered with a door, and the center of the door is equipped with an observation window, so that the dynamics of the room can be observed at any time. The low noise and high air volume fan is used to ensure the perfection of the painting effect. High quality 304 stainless steel heat exchanger with high heat exchange efficiency and long service life.

Advantage Auto Body Paint Booth:

1.The paint and baking finishes are very good, and the treated body paint has good gloss and beautiful appearance.

2.This large equipment is very energy efficient. The device has a lot of built-in LED lights, which can effectively reduce energy consumption and provide suitable lighting conditions.

3.The strength of the paint is suitable for any type of vehicle. The wallboard of the paint booth is made of galvanized steel, which has a very good corrosion resistance and a long service life.

4.It can effectively improve the efficiency of workers, which is more than one to two times the normal working efficiency.

5.It runs very fast, and both can be sprayed at the same time, which saves time. Vertical spray can reflect the mirror effect of the paint, save baking time and reduce energy consumption in the baking room.


Detailed Specification

Inside dimension

6900×4500×3200 mm (L×W×H)

Outside dimension

7000×6200×3950mm (L×W×H)

Front door

Folding door, 3 folds, 3000×3000 mm (W×H)

Emergency door

1 units, 650×1800mm (W×H)


Quadrate steel support, with one extra supportor, 2 rows grilles made by flat bar and twisted steel, galvanized, 3 rows indented plate,  2 ramps, 750×2000mm/pc.

Wall panel

Thickness: 50mm, width:1150mm, 0.426mm colour steel with EPS inside, colour: white.


Lighting boxes are powered coated, illumination ≥1000LUX

Generator cabinet

Galvanized steel frame; blue machine-made panel covered, filled with heat preservation material inside.

Intake and Exhaust system

Air capacity for each fan: 25000m3/h.

Air capacity for each fan: 25000m3/h. Manual damper, 4m ducts, 1 pcs 900 bend, 1 pcs 300 bend.

Heating system

Max. heating productivity: 200000kcal/h, max temperature: 80℃, 4pcs chimney, 1 pcs bend.

Purification system

Pre-filter, ceiling filter, fibreglass filter, activated carbon filter.


Galvanized steel

Control system

Spraying, failure indicator, thermostat, power supply switch, emergency stop, temperature limiter, etc.

Total power

17.5KW (Power supply 1×220V, 3×380V, 50HZ)

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