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Open Face Paint Booth
Open Face Paint Booth

Open Face Paint Booth

Commercial Cabinet Spray Booth Galvanized Steel Roof With Prep Station Features 1, Spray booth: 7.5KW turbo fan for intake, 7.5KW turbo fan for extraction. 2, Prep station: 5.5KW turbo fan for intake and exhaust. 3. Spray booth with two lines grilles. 4, Spray booth with side light. 5, All LED...

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Product features of Open Face Paint Booth:

1. Spray booth: 7.5KW turbo fan for intake and  extraction to ensure the cleaness of air inside.

2. Prep station: 5.5KW turbo fan for intake and exhaust.

3. Spray booth with two lines grilles.

4. Spray booth with side light.

5. All LED lights, energy save and more illumination.

6. Color white, blue, orange and red is optional.

7. Down draft.

8.Wall panels have good flame retardant insulation properties.

Advantage Open Face Paint Booth:

1.The spray booth provides a closed environment for pressure controlled vehicles. Painting requires a dust-free, non-polluting environment with proper temperature and wind speed. This equipment can provide an ideal painting environment, controlled by several sets of ventilation, heating system and filtration system. The heated air produced by the heating system helps the spray booth maintain proper temperature, airflow and lighting.

2.The humanized control system has multiple protections on its main circuit, reasonable structure and stable performance. In addition, it is equipped with lighting switch, temperature, time setting, painting, constant temperature painting, room temperature switch, paint emergency stop switch, fault alarm, accumulation time, etc.

3.Painting with this equipment can greatly improve work efficiency. In addition, the treated body paint surface is smooth and uniform without impurities, and the polishing degree is high. High safety factor. The car paint booth is generally equipped with a thermostatic controller and a safety explosion-proof system.

Spray booth:

Front door

3000×2600 mm (W×H)

Emergency door

650×1800mm (W×H)


Galvanized steel assembled

Wall panel

Thickness: 50mm, width:1150mm


Ceiling Lights: 8Units×4Pcs=32Pcs×16W, side lights: 8Units×2Pcs=16Pcs×16W

Generator cabinet

Galvanized steel frame; filled with heat preservation material inside.

Intake and Exhaust system

Inlet:1×7.5KW turbo fan

Outlet: 1×7.5KW turbo fan

Purification system

Pre-filter, ceiling filter, fibreglass filter, activated carbon filter.

Total power


Prep station:

Inside dimension

6300×3450×2650 mm (L×W×H)

Outside dimension

7550×3550×3400mm (L×W×H)

Plenum dimension

6300×3450×450 mm (L×W×H)

Room body

Back side EPS wall panel, the other sides PVC curtain.


Ceiling Lights: 8Units×4Pcs=32Pcs×16W

Intake and Exhaust system

1×5.5KW turbo fan, air capacity: 18000m3/h, with electric damper.

Purification system

Pre-filter, ceiling filter, fibreglass filter.

Installs way

Supported by steel column.

Total power


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