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Spray Bake Painting Booth
Spray Bake Painting Booth

Spray Bake Painting Booth

6.9M Water Curtain Paint Spray Booth, Commercial Paint Booth In Garage Features 1, Turbo fan for intake and extraction. 2. All panels are tongue and groove interlock structure. 3, #304 stainless steel heat exchanger. 4, All LED lights, energy save and more illumination. 5, Color white, blue,...

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Product introduction:

1. Spray Bake Painting Booth can improve the efficiency of painting and baking paint and it works well. The car paint booth is a complete set of large equipment. This paint booth can evenly heat up and quickly dry the paint according to the operator's settings, and the paint booth can isolate the pollution caused by external pollutants, which can make the paint and baking paint work well.

2. Filtering devices of this Spray Bake Painting Booth are installed to filter the dust entering the air in the paint booth, and the ventilation system of the paint booth will have enough ventilation speed in the paint booth to ensure the air in the paint booth is clean.

3. High work efficiency and quality assurance. Compared with manual painting and baking varnish, the car paint booth is a mechanized high-quality service, and the work efficiency is several times higher than that of the manual, even dozens of times.

Product features:

The paint booth is a combination of painting and baking paint. It saves the space and is easy to use. At the same time, the primer and the top paint can be forced to dry, speed up the work, improve the work efficiency and coating quality.

Spray booth specification:

Inside dimension

6900×3900×2650 mm (L×W×H)

Outside dimension

7000×6600×3400 mm (L×W×H)

Front door

Folding door, 3000×2600 mm (W×H)

Emergency door

1 units, 800×2000mm (W×H)


2 rows grilles made by flat bar and twisted steel, galvanized. 3 rows of indented plates, 2 ramps, 750×2000mm/pc.

Wall panel

Thickness: 50mm, width:1150mm, tongue and groove structure, 0.376mm colour steel with 50mm thick EPS inside


Ceiling Lights: 8Units×4Pcs=32Pcs×36W

Generator cabinet

Galvanized steel frame; white coated steel outside, galvanized steel inside, filled with heat preservation material in the middle.

Intake and Exhaust system

Inlet: 1×7.5KW turbo fan

Outlet: with water curtain exhaust system.

Heating system

RIELLO G20 diesel burner, stainless steel heat exchanger

Purification system

Pre-filter, ceiling filter, fibreglass filter, water curtain filter.


Galvanized steel

Total power


Drying oven specification:


Detailed Specification

Inside dimension

4000×3900×2650 mm (L×W×H)

Outside dimension

4100×5350×3400 mm (L×W×H)

Front door (2 sets)

3000×2600 mm (W×H)

Emergency door

800×2000mm (W×H)


Ceiling Lights: 6Units×4Pcs=24Pcs×36W

Intake and Exhaust system

Inlet: 1×5.5KW turbo fan, power: 5.5KW, air capacity: 18000m3/h.

Outlet: without

Purification system

Pre-filter, ceiling filter, fibreglass filter.

Total power



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